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We have network driven, point of service or consumer driven dental plans.  We offer comprehensive coverage, flexible plan designs...
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SDC offers our members one of the largest networks nationwide, so you're guaranteed to find a participating dentist or specialist near you!

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About Superior Dental Care

Endless Commitment

In 1984, a group of practicing dentists in Southwest Ohio took notice of a growing need in dental health. As dental care costs were increasing, options for quality dental care were decreasing. With an ever-widening gap among the needs of all involved, the dentists decided to act. In 1986, they officially introduced Superior Dental Care, a unique partnership formed between dental professionals and benefit providers with a shared commitment to promoting the affordable and quality dental care that everyone deserves.

SDC is different from many other dental benefit carriers. We are owned and directed by our participating dentists, keeping our primary focus on our original mission. We hold our profit margin to an astonishingly low 5%, putting each additional dollar toward growing our network and delivering competitive and unique products.

Over time, SDC's network expanded into new markets beyond Ohio’s southwest corner. Today, we offer one of the largest dental networks in the United States with over half a million access points across the country. Our plan options have grown from our sole original choice, the network-only plan, to a number of creative and competitive dental plan options that allow both in and out of network access.

Yet, while we have evolved, our mission remains the same.

We continue to focus on providing the highest quality of dental benefits. We strive to ensure that our dental plans are the best solution for employers and their employees. We continue to believe that while expert service thrives on the efficiency of technology, it is still our personal touch that sets us apart.

Superior Dental Care
We keep you smiling for a lifetime

Board of Directors

Richard W. Portune, DDS
Dayton, Ohio

L. Don Shumaker, DDS
Cleveland, Ohio

Traci Y. Harrell
Dayton, Ohio

Glenn L. Bower, Esq
Dayton, Ohio

Douglas R. Hoefling, DDS
Piqua, Ohio

Rebecca J. York
Director Emeritus
Dayton, Ohio

Dennis A. Burns, DDS
Columbus, Ohio

Roger E. Clark, DDS
Lebanon, Ohio

Dale Anne Featheringham, DDS MS
Mansfield, Ohio

Thomas A. Grabeman, DDS
Dayton, Ohio

David W. Menning, DDS
West Milton, Ohio

Laura J. Pall, DDS
Wellington, Ohio

Brett S. Pelok, DDS
Toledo, Ohio

James L. Sims, DDS
Troy, Ohio


Superior Direct Connect

Superior Direct Connect

Superior Dental Care
The Dental Benefit Innovators
6683 Centerville Business Parkway
Centerville, OH 45459

Local: 937-438-0283
Toll-Free: 800-762-3159

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