Join SDC

SDC's superior dental benefits combined with your participation in our network results in more patients in your chairs. From network-driven to self-funded, SDC's plan designs provide comprehensive and competitive dental coverage for our clients and their employees, ensuring every dental health need is addressed. As an SDC participating provider, you'll enjoy the following:

  • Support of Your Profession: Because SDC was created by dentists over 30 years ago, we continually seek out ways to protect the profession of dentistry and uphold its future.
  • Faster and Easier Payments: SDC reimburses participating providers directly through fast, weekly payments. For even faster payments, SDC offers direct deposit.
  • Competitive Fee Reimbursement: SDC's fee schedule is carefully calculated to reimburse you for your excellent work while helping patients afford your quality care. We review quarterly and adjust as warranted.

Participating in SDC's network is a truly superior opportunity to grow your practice!